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hotspot anqp-nai-realm-profile

hotspot anqp-nai-realm-profile <profile-name>



nai-realm-auth-id-1 <auth-ID>

nai-realm-auth-id-2 <auth-ID>

nai-realm-auth-value-1 <auth-value>

nai-realm-auth-value-2 <auth-value>

nai-realm-eap-method <eap-method>

nai-realm-encoding <encoding>

nai-realm-name <name>



This command defines a Network Access Identifier (NAI) realm information that can be sent as an Access network Query Protocol (ANQP) information element in a Generic Advertisement Service (GAS) query response.





hotspot anqp-nai-realm-profile <profile-name>

Configures a NAI realm hotspot profile.



Enables the NAI realm profile.

nai-home-realm Sets the realm in this profile as the NAI Home Realm.



Configures the NAI realm authentication ID.

Use the nai-realm-auth-id-1 command to send the one of the following authentication methods for the primary NAI realm ID.

Use the nai-realm-auth-id-2 command to send the one of the following authentication methods for the secondary NAI realm ID.


Configures any of the following types of authentication ID:

l credential— Uses credential authentication.
l eap-inner-auth—Uses EAP inner authentication type.
l exp-inner-eap— Uses the expanded inner EAP authentication method.
l expanded-eap—Uses the expanded EAP authentication method.
l non-eap-inner-auth—Uses non-EAP inner authentication type.
l reserved—Uses the reserved authentication method.










Configures a value for NAI realm authentication. Use the nai-realm-auth-value-1 command to select an authentication value for the authentication method specified by nai-realm-auth-id-1. Use thenai-realm-auth-value-2 command to select the authentication value for the authentication method specified bynai-realm-auth-id-2.


Configures any of following types of authentication values for the specified <auth-id>:

l For credential <auth-ID>, specify the following values:
l sim
l usim
l nfc-secure
l hw-token
l softoken
l certificate
l uname-passward
l none
l reserved
l vendor-specific
l For eap-inner-auth <aut- ID>, specify the following values:
l reserved
l pap
l chap
l mschap
l mschapv2
l For exp-inner-eap <auth-ID>, specify exp-inner-eap as the authentication value.
l For expanded-eap<auth-ID>, specify expanded-eap as the authentication value
l For non-eap-inner-auth<auth-ID> specify any of the following values:
l reserved
l pap
l chap
l mschap
l mschapv2

sim, usim. nfc-secure, hw-token, softoken, certificate, uname-password, none,



reserved, pap

chap, mschap, mschapv2,

exp-inner-eap, expanded-eap, reserved

nai-realm-eap-method Configures an EAP method for NAI realm.  

Configures any of the following EAP methods:

l crypto-card— Crypto card authentication
l eap-aka—EAP for UMTS Authentication and Key Agreement
l eap-sim—EAP for GSM Subscriber Identity Modules
l eap-tls—EAP-Transport Layer Security
l eap-ttls—EAP-Tunneled Transport Layer Security
l generic-token-card—EAP Generic Token Card (EAP-GTC)
l identity— EAP Identity type
l notification—The hotspot realm uses EAP Notification messages for authentication.
l one-time-password—Authentication with a single-use password
l peap—Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol
l peapmschapv2— Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol with Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2


crypto-card, eap-aka, eap-sim, eap-tls, eap-ttls, generic-token-card, identity notification, one-time-password, peap, peapmschapv2



Configures a UTF-8 or rfc4282 formatted character string for NAI realm encoding.






Configures a name for the NAI realm. The realm name is often the domain name of the service provider.


Removes any existing configuration.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to configure an NAI Realm profile that identifies and describes a NAI realm accessible to the IAP, and the method used for NAI realm authentication. The settings configured in this profile determine the NAI realm elements that are included as part of a GAS Response frame.


The following example creates an NAI realm profile:

(Instant AP)(config)# hotspot anqp-nai-realm-profile home

(Instant AP)(nai-realm "home")# nai-realm-name

(Instant AP)(nai-realm "home")# nai-realm-encoding utf8

(Instant AP)(nai-realm "home")# nai-realm-eap-method eap-sim

(Instant AP)(nai-realm "home")# nai-realm-auth-id-1 non-eap-inner-auth

(Instant AP)(nai-realm "home")# nai-realm-auth-value-1 mschapv2

(Instant AP)(nai-realm "home")# nai-home-realm

(Instant AP)(nai-realm "home")# enable

(Instant AP)(nai-realm "home")# end

(Instant AP)# commit apply

Command History



Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Configuration mode and the NAI realm profile configuration sub-mode