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l2tpv3 tunnel

l2tpv3 tunnel <l2tpv3_tunnel_profile>

backup peer-address <peer_IP_address_backup_tunnel>


failover-mode <mode>

failover-retry-count <retry_count>

failover-retry-interval <interval_in_sec>

hello-timeout <interval_in_sec>

local-port <local_udp_port>

message-digest-type <digest_algo>

mtu <tunnel_MTU>

peer-port <peer_udp_port>

primary peer-address <peer_IP_address_primary_tunnel>

secret-key <key>



This command configures an L2TP tunnel profile.





l2tpv3 tunnel <profile-name> Configures the tunnel profile name and allows you to enter the L2TP tunnel sub-configuration mode.
backup peer-address <peer_IP_address_backup_tunnel> Assigns IP address of the remote end backup tunnel.
checksum Enables the generation of UDP checksums in packets sent to L2TP peer IP address.
failover-mode <mode> Assigns the backup/primary tunnel failover mode. preemptive, non-preemptive preemptive
failover-retry-count <count> Assigns the number of failover attempts. 0-5 0
failover-retry-interval <interval_in_sec> Assigns the interval between each failover attempt. 60-300 seconds 60
hello-timeout <interval_in_sec> Configures the interval (in seconds) at which hello packets are routed in the tunnel. 5-300 60
local-port <local_udp_port> Assigns the local UDP port number of the client. 1—65535 1701
message-digest-type <digest_algo> Configures the message digest to be used to create the MD AVP. MD5, SHA1, none MD5
mtu <MTU-size> Configures a Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) value for the tunnel. 1—65535 1460
peer-port <peer_udp_port> Assigns a UDP server port to the remote end. 1—65535 1701
primary peer-address <peer_IP_address_primary_tunnel> Assigns IP address of the remote end tunnel.
secret-key <key> Configures a shared key to use for message digest.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command tunnel data or traffic to L2TP Network Server (LNS).


The following example configures the L2TPv3 tunnel:

(Instant AP)(config)# l2tpv3 tunnel test_tunnel

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# primary peer-address

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# backup peer-address

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# failover-mode non-preemptive

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# failover-retry-count 5

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# failover-retry-interval 80

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# hello-timeout 150

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# mtu 1570

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# peer-port 3000

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# secret-key test123

(Instant AP)(L2TPv3 Tunnel Profile "test_tunnel")# end

(Instant AP) # commit apply

Command History



Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode




Configuration mode and L2TPV3 tunnel configuration sub-mode.