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rft test profile

antenna-connectivity ip-addr <IP-addr> dest-mac <MAC-addr> phy {a|g}

ht-link-quality ip-addr <IP-addr> dest-mac <MAC-addr> phy {a|g} mcs <mcs>

link-quality ip-addr <IP-addr> dest-mac <MAC-addr> phy {a|g}

raw ip-addr <IP-addr> dest-mac <MAC-addr> phy {a|g}


This command is used for RF troubleshooting.




rft test profile Allows you to run RF troubleshooting commands
antenna-connectivity Allows you to test the antenna connectivity
ht-link-quality Allows you to test the HT link quality.
link-quality Allows you to test the quality of the link.
raw Performs a raw test.

ip-addr <IP-addr>

Indicates the IP address of the IAP that performs the test.

dest-mac <MAC-addr>

Specifies MAC address of the client to be tested.


Indicates the 802.11 type, either a or g.

mcs <mcs> Indicates the type of Modulation Coding Scheme (MCS).

Usage Guidelines

This command can run predefined test profiles for antenna connectivity, link quality, or raw testing. Run these commands only under the supervision of an Aruba support representative.


In this release, this command is not available on IAP-224/225, and IAP-274/275 platforms.


The following example shows the RF test command that can be run for testing the antenna connectivity:

(Instant AP)# rft test profile dest-mac 00:1A:1E:00:00:00 phy a

Command History



Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms except IAP-224/225, and IAP-274/275

Privileged EXEC mode