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show dhcps config

show dhcps config


This command provides information about the DHCP scopes configured for an IAP.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to view configuration details associated with the DHCP scopes enabled on an IAP.


The following example shows the output of the show dhcps config command:

Distributed DHCP Scopes


Name Type VLAN Netmask Default Router DNS Server Domain Name

---- ---- ---- ------- -------------- ---------- -----------

dhcp-11 Distributed,L2 11


Lease Time IP Address Range Client Count DHCP Option Reserve First Reserve Last

---------- ----------------- ----------- ------------- ------------ ------

43200 5 None


Branch ID Branch Netmask Branch Router DHCP Host

--------- -------------- ------------- ---------

Centralized DHCP Scopes


Name Type VLAN DHCP Relay DHCP Relay Servers DHCP Option 82 VLAN IP VLAN Mask Split Tunnel

---- ---- ---- ---------- ------------------ -------------- ------- --------- ------------


Local DHCP Scopes


Name Type VLAN Network Netmask Exclude Address DNS Server Domain Name Lease Time DHCP Option

---- ---- ---- ------- ------- --------------- ---------- ----------- -- -------- -----------

local Local 12

DHCP Host DNS Cache

--------- ---------


The output of this command displays the following information:



Name Displays the name of the DHCP scope.

Displays the DHCP assignment modes. The current release of Instant supports the following DHCP assignment modes.

l Distributed, L2
l Distributed, L3
l Local
l Local, L3
l Centralized, L2
VLAN Indicates the VLAN ID assigned to DHCP scope.
Netmask Displays the subnet mask.
DNS Server Displays the DNS server IP address.
Domain Name Displays the domain name configured for the DHCP scope.
Default router Displays the IP address of the default router.
lease-time Displays the lease-time configured for the DHCP clients.
IP Address Range

Displays the range of IP addresses configured for the distributed DHCP scopes.

client-count <number>

Displays the number of clients allowed per DHCP branch.

DHCP Option Displays the DHCP option if configured.
Reserve First and Reserve Last Displays the first few and the last few IP addresses reserved in the subnet.
Branch ID

Displays the DHCP branch ID.

Branch Netmask Displays the branch subnet mask.
Branch Router Displays the IP address if the branch router.
Exclude IP address

Displays the excluded IP address. The value displayed in this determines the exclusion range of the subnet. Based on the size of the subnet, the IP addresses that come before or after the IP address value specified in this field are excluded.

DHCP Relay

Displays the DHCP relay information that enables the IAPs to intercept the broadcast packets and relay DHCP requests directly to corporate network.

DHCP Relay Server Displays the IP address of the corporate DHCP server for the DHCP request relay.
Split Tunnel Indicates if the split-tunnel function is enabled or disabled.
DHCP Host Indicates the DHCP host name if configured.
DNS cache Indicates if DNS caching is enabled or disabled.

Command History



Aruba Instant This command was modified.

Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode