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show dpi

show dpi {app <name> all|appcategory <name> all|debug statistics|qsessions [detail [<session_id>]]|webcategory <name> all|webcategory-lookup <url>}


This command displays the DPI configuration information.




app <name> <all> Displays a list of all applications (with the all keyword) and details such as application name, ID, application category, and default ports when a specific application name is provided.

appcategory <name> <all>

Displays the list of all application categories (with the all keyword) and details of the applications that belong to a specific application category when an application category is specified.
debug statistics

Displays DPI statistics that can be used for debugging.

qsessions [detail [<session_id>] Displays advanced debug statistics for troubleshooting the DPI issues.
webcategory <name> <all> Displays the list of web categories.
webcategory-lookup <URL>

Displays the details for a given URL and the reputation score based on security rating. Run this command twice to fetch information from the cloud server.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to view the DPI configuration details.


show dpi app

The following example shows the output of the show dpi app <name> command:

(Instant AP)# show dpi app wikipedia


Pre-defined Application


Name App ID App Category Default Ports

---- ------ ------------ -------------

wikipedia 222 web tcp 80

The output of this command displays details such as the name of the application, application category, default ports configured for deep packet inspection.

show dpi appcategory

The following example shows the output of the show dpi appcategory all command:

(Instant AP)# show dpi appcategory all


Pre-defined Application Categories


Name App Category ID

---- ---------------

antivirus 1

authentication 2

cloud-file-storage 3

collaboration 4

encrypted 5

enterprise-apps 6

gaming 7

im-file-transfer 8

instant-messaging 9

mail-protocols 10

mobile-app-store 11

network-service 12

peer-to-peer 13

social-networking 14

standard 15

streaming 16

thin-client 17

tunneling 18

unified-communications 19

web 20

webmail 21

Total application categories = 21

The output of this command displays all application categories.

show dpi debug statistics

The following example shows the output of the show dpi debug statistics command.

(Instant AP)# show dpi debug statistics

DPI Running :TRUE

Dpi Debug Statistics


Key Value

--- -----

dpimgr total pkt handled 5507(55)

dpimgr total classified 975(6)

dpimgr qsession total alloc 417(2)

dpimgr qsession total uapp alloc 417(2)

dpimgr qsession total uapp alloc free 417(2)

dpimgr qsession total session age 417(3)

dpimgr qsession classified skipped 7(0)

dpimgr qsession event param error 20(0)

dpimgr qsession total classified 834(4)

dpimgr qsession total request received 424(2)

dpimgr bca total cloud lookup 22(2)

dpimgr bca total cached lookup 123(2)

dpimgr bca total request received 145(4)

dpimgr bca total classified 141(2)

DPI internal stats

number of cache hits :12

number of cloud hits :2

number of cloud lookups :2

number of local database hits :0

number of uncategorized responses :0

number of cache entries :20

maximum queue depth reached :0

trusted user rep average :90

guest user rep average :0

total number of lookup errors :0

current major version :0

current minor version :1

show dpi webcategory

The following example shows the output of the show dpi webcategory all command:

(Instant AP)# show dpi webcategory all

Pre-defined BrightCloud Web Categories


Name Web Category ID

---- ---------------

real-estate 1

computer-and-internet-security 2

financial-services 3

business-and-economy 4

computer-and-internet-info 5

auctions 6

shopping 7

cult-and-occult 8

travel 9

abused-drugs 10

adult-and-pornography 11

home-and-garden 12

military 13

social-networking-web 14

dead-sites 15

individual-stock-advice-and-tools 16

training-and-tools 17

dating 18

sex-education 19

religion 20

entertainment-and-arts 21

personal-sites-and-blogs 22

legal 23

local-information 24

streaming-media 25

job-search 26

gambling 27

translation 28

reference-and-research 29

shareware-and-freeware 30

peer-to-peer-web 31

marijuana 32

hacking 33

games 34

philosophy-and-political-advocacy 35

weapons 36

pay-to-surf 37

hunting-and-fishing 38

society 39

educational-institutions 40

online-greeting-cards 41

sports 42

swimsuits-and-intimate-apparel 43

questionable 44

kids 45

hate-and-racism 46

personal-storage 47

violence 48

keyloggers-and-monitoring 49

search-engines 50

internet-portals 51

web-advertisements 52

cheating 53

gross 54

web-based-email 55

malware-sites 56

phishing-and-other-frauds 57

proxy-avoidance-and-anonymizers 58

spyware-and-adware 59

music 60

government 61

nudity 62

news-and-media 63

illegal 64

content-delivery-networks 65

internet-communications 66

bot-nets 67

abortion 68

health-and-medicine 69

spam-urls 71

dynamically-generated-content 74

parked-domains 75

alcohol-and-tobacco 76

private-ip-addresses 77

image-and-video-search 78

fashion-and-beauty 79

recreation-and-hobbies 80

motor-vehicles 81

web-hosting 82

category-unknown 83

Total web categories = 80

The output of this command displays the list of web categories and the IDs associated with these categories.

show dpi webcategory-lookup

The following example shows the output of the show dpi webcategory-lookup <url> command:

(Instant AP)# show dpi webcategory-lookup

Input URL:

Request sent for CLOUD LOOKUP, please try again.

On running command again, the following information is retrieved from the cloud server and displayed as the output:

Input URL:


URL: REP: 81 A1: 0, Serial = 0x200001

Index: 0 Category: internet-portals(51) Confidence level: 98

Command History



Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode