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show radius-servers support

show radius-servers support


This command displays the RADIUS server configuration details for an IAP.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to view the RADIUS server information for an IAP.


The following example shows the output of show radius-servers support command:

RADIUS Servers


Name IP Address Port Acctport Key

---- ---------- ---- -------- ----

Server1 1616 1813 23567aea01cb66d354d2b1f5d13df7f85d4a


Timeout Retry Count NAS IP Address NAS Identifier In Use RFC3576

---- ---------- ------------ --------------- ------- ---------------

d1d1f181fb4827 5 Yes 0

Airgroup RFC3576-ONLY Airgroup RFC3576 port Deadtime

-------- ------------ ---------------------- ------------


The output of this command provides the following information:



Name Indicates the name of the RADIUS server.
IP address Indicates the IP address of the RADIUS server.
Port Indicates the authorization port number of the RADIUS server.
AcctPort Indicates the authorization port number of the RADIUS server.
Key Indicates the key for communicating with the RADIUS server.
Timeout Indicates timeout value in seconds for one RADIUS request.
Retry count Indicates the maximum number of authentication requests sent to the RADIUS server.
NAS IP address Displays the IP address of the Network Access Server (NAS) if NAS is configured.
NAS Identifier Indicates the NAS identifier to be sent with the RADIUS requests.
In Use Indicates if the server is in use.
RFC3576 Indicates if the IAPs are configured to process RFC 3576-compliant Change of Authorization (CoA).
Airgroup RFC3576-ONLY Indicates if IAPs are configured to be RFC 3576 compliant only.
Airgroup RFC3576 port Indicates the port number used for sending AirGroup CoA.
Deadtime Indicates the RADIUS server dead-time.

Command History



Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode