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show wired-port

show wired-port <profile-name>


This command displays the configuration details associated with a wired profile configured on an IAP.





Displays the current configuration details for a specific wired profile.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to view the details of a wired profile configured on an IAP.


The following example shows the output of the show wired-port <profile-name> command:

Name :default_wired_port_profile

VLAN Mode :Trunk

Allowed VLANs :all

Native VLAN :1

Admin Status :Down

Role :default_wired_port_profile

Speed :auto

Duplex :full


Type :employee

Content Filtering :Disabled

Server Load Balancing :Disabled

MAC Authentication :Disabled

8021.x :Disabled

L2 Auth Fallthrough :Disabled

Captive Portal :disable

Exclude Uplink :none

Access Control Type :Network

Uplink enable :Disabled

Certificate Installed: :No

Internal Radius Users: :0

Internal Guest Users: :0

Role Derivation Rules


Attribue Operation Operand Role Name Index

-------- --------- ------- --------- -----

Vlan Derivation Rules


Attribue Operation Operand Vlan Id

-------- --------- ------- -------

RADIUS Servers


Name IP Address Port Key Timeout Retry Count NAS IP Address NAS Identifier RFC3576

---- ---------- ---- --- ------- ----------- -------------- -------------- -------

LDAP Servers


Name IP Address Port Timeout Retry Count Admin-DN Admin Password Base-DN

---- ---------- ---- ------- ----------- -------- -------------- -------

Access Rules


Dest IP Dest Mask Dest Match Protocol (id:sport:eport) Action Log TOS 802.1P Blacklist Mirror DisScan ClassifyMedia

------- --------- ---------- ------------------------- ------ --- --- ------ --------- ------ ------- -------------

any any match any permit

Vlan Id :0

ACL Captive Portal:disable

:Captive Portal Configuration

Background Color:13421772

Banner Color :16750848

Decoded Texts :

Banner Text :Welcome to Guest Network

Use Policy :Please read terms and conditions before using Guest Network

Terms of Use :This network is not secure, and use is at your own risk

Internal Captive Portal Redirect URL:

Captive Portal Mode:Acknowledged

Custom Logo

:External Captive Portal Configuration


Port :80

URL :/

Authentication Text:Authenticated

External Captive Portal Redirect URL:

Server Fail Through:No

The output of this command shows the configuration parameters associated with the selected wired profile and the value assigned for each of these parameters:

Command History



Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode