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upgrade-image <url>

upgrade-image2 <url>



These commands allow you to upgrade an IAP to use a new image file.




upgrade-image Upgrades the IAP to use a new image.
upgrade-image2 Uploads an additional image file and upgrades the IAP to use this image file when required.
upgrade-image2-no-reboot Uploads an additional image file and upgrades the IAP to use the new image without rebooting the IAPs.
<url> Allows you to specify the FTP, TFTP, or HTTP URL.

Usage Guidelines

Use these commands to upgrade n IAP to use an image file uploaded from the FTP or TFTP server, or by using an HTTP URL. Before uploading an image file, ensure that you have the appropriate image file for your IAP. The following examples describe the image class for different IAP models:

l For IAP‑134/135—ArubaInstant_Cassiopeia_<build-version>
l For RAP-108/109, IAP-103, and IAP-114/115—ArubaInstant_Pegasus_<build-version>
l For RAP-155/155P—ArubaInstant_Aries_<build-version>
l For IAP-224/225, and IAP-274/275—ArubaInstant_Centaurus_<build-version>
l For all other IAPs —ArubaInstant_Orion_<build-version>


The following examples upgrade an IAP by using an image file from the FTP server:

(Instant AP)# upgrade-image

(Instant AP)# upgrade-image2-no-reboot

Command History



Aruba Instant

These commands are introduced.

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Privileged EXEC mode.