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wlan external-captive-portal

wlan external-captive-portal [profile-name]

auth-text <text>



port <port>

redirect-url <redirection-url>

server <server-name>


url <url>



This command configures profiles for external captive portal.






wlan external-captive-portal [profile-name]

Creates an external captive portal profile.

You can create multiple external captive portal profiles and apply to an SSID or a wired profile.

auth-text <text>

Configures the authentication text to be returned by the external server.

The authentication text command configuration is required only for the External - Authentication Text splash mode.

auto-whitelist-disable Disables automatic whitelisting of URLs. Enabled
https Enables HTTPS for client connections.
Port <port>

Configures the port to use for communication with the external captive portal server.

redirect-url <redirection-url>

Configures a URL to redirect the users after a successful authentication.

NOTE: By default, after entering the requested info at the splash page, the users are redirected to the URL that was originally requested. When a URL is configured for redirection, it overrides the user’s original request and redirects them to URL configured for redirection.

server <server-name> Configures the external captive portal server.
url <url> Configures the URL of the external captive portal server.

Allows the guest clients to access the Internet when the external captive portal server is not available.

no… Removes the configuration.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to configure external captive portal profiles for guest users. When the captive portal profile is applied to an SSID or a wired profile, the users connecting to the SSID or wired network are assigned a role with the captive portal rule. You can create up to 8 external captive portal profiles.


The following example configures external captive portal splash page:

(Instant AP)(config)# wlan external-captive-portal AuthText1

(Instant AP)(External Captive Portal "AuthText1")# auth-text authenticated

(Instant AP)(External Captive Portal "AuthText1")# port 80

(Instant AP)(External Captive Portal "AuthText1")# redirect-url

(Instant AP)(External Captive Portal "AuthText1")# server CPServer1

(Instant AP)(External Captive Portal "AuthText1")# url "/aruba.php"

(Instant AP)(External Captive Portal "AuthText1")# server-fail-through

(Instant AP)(External Captive Portal "AuthText1")# no auto-whitelist-disable

(Instant AP)(External Captive Portal "AuthText1")# end

(Instant AP)# commit apply

Command History



Aruba Instant This command is modified.

Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Configuration mode and external captive portal sub-mode.