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wlan wispr-profile

wlan wispr-profile

wispr-location-id-ac <ac>

wispr-location-id-cc <cc>

wispr-location-id-isocc <issoc>

wispr-location-id-network <network>

wispr-location-name-location <location-name>

wispr-location-name-operator-name <operator-name>



This command configures a Wireless Internet Service Provider roaming (WISPr) authentication profile for an IAP. WISPr authentication allows a smart client to authenticate on the network when they roam between wireless Internet service providers, even if the wireless hotspot uses an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with whom the client may not have an account.




wlan wispr-profile Creates a WISPr authentication profile
wispr-location-id-ac <ac> Configures an E.164 Area Code for the WISPr Location ID.
wispr-location-id-cc <cc> Configures an E.164 Country Code for the WISPr Location ID.
wispr-location-id-isocc <issoc> Configures an ISO Country Code for the WISPr Location ID.
wispr-location-id-network <network> Configures an SSID associated with the WISPr Location ID.
wispr-location-name-location <location-name> Associates the Hotspot location to the WISPr profile.
wispr-location-name-operator-name <operator-name> Associates the hotspot operator profile to the WISPr authentication profile.
no... Removes the configuration

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to configure a WISPr authentication profile for the captive portal users. Instant supports the following smart clients:


These smart clients enable client authentication and roaming between hotspots by embedding iPass Generic Interface Specification (GIS) redirect, authentication, and logoff messages within HTML messages that are sent to the IAP.

The WISPr RADIUS attributes and configuration parameters are specific to the RADIUS server used by your ISP for the WISPr authentication. Contact your ISP to determine the parameter values for WISPr profile configuration. You can find a list of ISO and ITU country and area codes at the ISO and ITU websites ( and


The following commands configure a WISPr authentication profile:

(Instant AP)(config)# wlan wispr-profile

(Instant AP)(WISPr)# wispr-location-id-ac 408

(Instant AP)(WISPr)# wispr-location-id-cc 1

(Instant AP)(WISPr)# wispr-location-id-isocc US

(Instant AP)(WISPr)# wispr-location-id-network wispr

(Instant AP)(WISPr)# wispr-location-name-location airport

(Instant AP)(WISPr)# wispr-location-name-operator-name KNP

(Instant AP)(WISPr)# end

(Instant AP)# commit apply

Command History



Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Configuration mode and WISPr profile sub-mode.