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write {erase <all> <reboot>|memory}


This command saves the running configuration to memory or displays the running configuration on the screen. This command can also be used to erase the running configuration and return to factory default setting




erase <all> <reboot> Erases the running system configuration file. Rebooting the IAP resets it to the factory default configuration. If you specify all, the configuration and all data in the IAP databases are erased.
memory Saves the current system configuration to memory. Any configuration changes made during this session will be made permanent.

Usage Guidelines

Configuration changes made using the CLI affect only the current session. You must save your changes for them to be retained across system reboots. Changes are lost if the system reboots before saving the changes.

The following command assumes you have already saved your configuration. Reboot the IAP:

The IAP returns the following messages:

Do you really want to reset the system(y/n): y

System will now restart!


Restarting system.


The following command saves your changes so they are retained after a reboot:

write memory

Command History



Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode