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Configuring Users for Internal Database of an IAP

The Instant user database consists of a list of guest and employee users. The addition of a user involves specifying a login credentials for a user. The login credentials for these users are provided outside the Instant system.

A guest user can be a visitor who is temporarily using the enterprise network to access the Internet. However, if you do not want to allow access to the internal network and the Intranet, you can segregate the guest traffic from the enterprise traffic by creating a guest WLAN and specifying the required authentication, encryption, and access rules.

An employee user is the employee who is using the enterprise network for official tasks. You can create Employee WLANs, specify the required authentication, encryption and access rules and allow the employees to use the enterprise network.


The user database is also used when an IAP is configured as an internal RADIUS server.

The local user database of APs can support up to 512 user entries except IAP-9x. IAP-9x supports only 256 user entries. If there are already 512 users, IAP-9x will not be able to join the cluster.

In the Instant UI

To configure users:

1. Click the Security at the top right corner of Instant main window.
2. Click Users for Internal Server. The following figure shows the contents of the Users for Internal Server tab.

Figure 1  Adding a User

3. Enter the username in the Username text box.
4. Enter the password in the Password text box and reconfirm.
5. Select a type of network from the Type drop-down list.
6. Click Add and click OK. The users are listed in the Users list.
7. To edit user settings:
a. Select the user to modify under Users
b. Click Edit to modify user settings.
c. Click OK.
8. To delete a user:
a. In the Users section, select the username to delete
b. Click Delete.
c. Click OK.
9. To delete all or multiple users at a time:
a. Select the usernames that you want to delete
b. Click Delete All.
c. Click OK.


Deleting a user only removes the user record from the user database, and will not disconnect the online user associated with the username.

In the CLI

To configure an employee user:

(Instant AP)(config)# user <username> <password> radius

(Instant AP)(config)# end

(Instant AP)# commit apply

To configure a guest user:

(Instant AP)(config)# user <username> <password> portal

(Instant AP)(config)# end

(Instant AP)# commit apply