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Managing IAP Users

The IAP users can be classified as follows:

Administrator— An admin user who creates SSIDs, wired profiles, DHCP server configuration parameters, and manages the local user database. The admin users can access to the Virtual Controller Management User Interface.
Guest administrator— A guest interface management user who manages guest users added in the local user database.
Administrator with read-only access— The read-only admin user does not have access to the Instant CLI. The Instant UI will be displayed in the read-only mode for these users.
Employee users — Employees who use the enterprise network for official tasks.
Guest users—Visiting users who temporarily use the enterprise network to access the Internet.

The user access privileges are determined by IAP management settings in the AirWave Management client and Aruba Central, and the type of the user. The following table outlines the access privileges defined for the admin user, guest management interface admin, and read-only users.

Table 1: User Privileges

User Category

Aruba Central or AirWave Management Platform in Management Mode

IAP in monitor mode or without AirWave Management Platform or Aruba Central
administrator Access to local user database only Complete access to the IAP
read-only administrator No write privileges No write privileges
guest administrator Access to local user database only Access to local user database only

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