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Configuring DHCP Scopes

The virtual controller supports different modes of DHCP address assignment. With each DHCP address assignment mode, various client traffic forwarding modes are associated. For more information on client traffic forwarding modes for IAP-VPN, see IAP-VPN Forwarding Modes.

You can configure the default DHCP scope for virtual controller assigned networks, Distributed L2, Distributed L3, Local or NAT DHCP, Local L3, and Centralized DHCP scopes through the Instant UI or CLI.

This section describes the following procedures:

Configuring the Default DHCP Scope for Client IP Assignment
Configuring Distributed DHCP Scopes
Configuring a Centralized DHCP Scope
Configuring Local and Local,L3 DHCP Scopes

Configuring Distributed DHCP Modes

Configuring Centralized DHCP Scope

Configuring Local and Local-L3 DHCP Modes