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Roles and Policies

This chapter describes the procedures for configuring user roles, role assignment, and firewall policies.

Firewall Policies
Content Filtering
Configuring User Roles
Configuring Derivation Rules

Firewall Policies

Configuring Access Rules

Configuring Network Address Translation Rules

Configuring an Access Rule with Source NAT Action

Configuring Source-Based Routing

Configuring a Destination NAT Access Rule

Configuring ALG Protocols

Configuring Firewall Settings for Protection from ARP Attacks

Managing Inbound Traffic

Configuring Inbound Firewall Rules

Configuring Management Subnets

Configuring Restricted Access to Corporate Network

Content Filtering

Enabling Content Filtering

Configuring Enterprise Domains

Configuring URL Filtering Policies

Configuring User Roles

Configuring Derivation Rules

Understanding Role Assignment Rules

Creating Role Assignment Rules

Understanding VLAN Assignment

Configuring VLAN Derivation Rules

Using Advanced Expressions in Role and VLAN Derivation Rules

Configuring a User Role for VLAN Derivation