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Configuring Wireless Network Profiles

During start up, a wireless client searches for radio signals or beacon frames that originate from the nearest IAP. After locating the IAP, the following transactions take place between the client and the IAP:

1. Authentication — The IAP communicates with a RADIUS server to validate or authenticate the client.
2. Connection — After successful authentication, the client establishes a connection with the IAP.

Network Types

Instant wireless networks are categorized as:

Employee network — An Employee network is a classic Wi-Fi network. This network type is used by the employees in an organization and it supports passphrase-based or 802.1X based authentication methods. Employees can access the protected data of an enterprise through the employee network after successful authentication. The employee network is selected by default during a network profile configuration.
Voice network —This Voice network type allows you to configure a network profile for devices that provide only voice services such as handsets or applications that require voice traffic prioritization.
Guest network —The Guest wireless network is created for guests, visitors, contractors, and any non-employee users who use the enterprise Wi-Fi network. The Virtual Controller assigns the IP address for the guest clients. captive portal or passphrase based authentication methods can be set for this wireless network. Typically, a guest network is an un-encrypted network. However, you can specify the encryption settings when configuring a guest network.


When a client is associated to the Voice network, all data traffic is marked and placed into the high priority queue in QoS (Quality of Service).

To configure a new wireless network profile, complete the following procedures:

1. Configuring WLAN Settings
2. Configuring VLAN Settings
3. Configuring Security Settings
4. Configuring Access Rules for a Network


Configuring WLAN Settings for an SSID Profile

Configuring VLAN Settings for a WLAN SSID Profile

Configuring Security Settings for a WLAN SSID Profile

Configuring Access Rules for a WLAN SSID Profile