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Configuring Security Settings for a Wired Profile


If you are creating a new wired profile, complete the Wired Settings and VLAN procedures before specifying security settings. For more information, see Configuring Wired Settings and Configuring VLAN Settings for a WLAN SSID Profile.

Configuring Security Settings for a Wired Employee Network

You can configure security parameters for an employee network by using the Instant UI or CLI.

In the Instant UI

To configure security parameters for an employee network:

1. Configure the following parameters in the Security tab.
MAC authentication — To enable MAC authentication, select Enabled. The MAC authentication is disabled by default.
802.1X authentication — To enable 802.1X authentication, select Enabled.
MAC authentication fail-thru — To enable authentication fail-thru, select Enabled. When this feature is enabled, 802.1X authentication is attempted when MAC authentication fails. The MAC authentication fail-thru checkbox is displayed only when both MAC authentication and 802.1X authentication are Enabled.
Select any of the following options for Authentication server 1:
n New — On selecting this option, an external RADIUS server must be configured to authenticate the users. For information on configuring an external server, see Configuring an External Server for Authentication.Authentication and User Management
n Internal server— If an internal server is selected, add the clients that are required to authenticate with the internal RADIUS server. Click the Users link to add the users. For information on adding a user, see Managing IAP Users.
Reauth interval — Specify the interval at which all associated and authenticated clients must be reauthenticated.
Load balancing— Set this to Enabled if you are using two RADIUS authentication servers, so that the load across the two RADIUS servers is balanced. For more information on the dynamic load balancing mechanism, see Dynamic Load Balancing between Two Authentication Servers.
2. Click Next. The Access tab details are displayed.

In the CLI

To configure security settings for an employee network:

(Instant AP)(config)# wired-port-profile <name>

(Instant AP)(wired ap profile <name>)# mac-authentication

(Instant AP)(wired ap profile <name>)# l2-auth-failthrough

(Instant AP)(wired ap profile <name>)# auth-server <name>

(Instant AP)(wired ap profile <name>)# server-load-balancing

(Instant AP)(wired ap profile <name>)# radius-reauth-interval <Minutes>

(Instant AP)(wired ap profile <name>)# end

(Instant AP)# commit apply