show network

show network <name>


This command shows network configuration details for an Instant AP.





Displays the name of a network profile.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command without the optional <name> parameter to view a complete configuration details of a network profile on the Instant AP. Include the <name> parameter to display settings for a single network SSIDService Set Identifier. SSID is a name given to a WLAN and is used by the client to access a WLAN network. only.


The following example shows the partial output of show network <name> command:

Name :test

ESSID :test

Status :Enabled

Mode :wpa2-aes

Band :all

Type :employee

Termination :Disabled

Passphrase :

WEP Key :

WEP Key Index :1


Server Load Balancing :Disabled

MAC Authentication :Disabled

L2 Auth Failthrough :Disabled

Captive Portal :disable

Exclude Uplink :none

Hide SSID :Disabled

Content Filtering :Disabled

Auth Survivability :Disabled

Auth Survivability time-out :24

RADIUS Accounting :Disabled

Interim Accounting Interval :0

Radius Reauth Interval :0

Download Roles from CPPM :Enabled

DTIM Interval :1

Inactivity Timeout :1000

Legacy Mode Bands :all

G Minimum Transmit Rate :1

G Maximum Transmit Rate :54

A Minimum Transmit Rate :6

A Maximum Transmit Rate :54

Multicast Rate Optimization :Disabled

LEAP Use Session Key :Disabled

mPSK :Enabled

Broadcast-filter :none

Max Authentication Failures :0

Blacklisting :Disabled

WISPr :Disabled

Accounting mode :Authentication

Work without usable uplink :Disabled

Percentage of Airtime: :Unlimited

Overall Limit: :Unlimited

Per-user Limit: :Unlimited

Command History



Aruba Instant

The output of this command now includes the following:

status of the Download roles for CPPM configuration is now shown as part of the output.

Status of the mPSK passphrase.

Aruba Instant

Command introduced.

Command Information

Instant AP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode