Installing VIA Client for iOS

The following sections describe the procedures to install the VIA Client for iOS, which includes downloading the VIA Client from the Aruba support site, installing the software on the Apple device, and then downloading the VPN profiles that will determine how VIA securely connects to your network.

Download the latest version of Aruba VIA from the App Store. VIA is automatically installed on the iOS device after download is complete. After installation is complete, the VIA app icon appears on the iOS device.

VPN profiles must be downloaded in order to connect VIA.


The VIA screen appears different between iPhones and iPads. In iPhones, the tabs are placed horizontally at the top of the screen. In iPads, the tabs are placed vertically on the left side of the screen. However, the procedures to perform tasks are the same.

To download a VPN profile:

1. Open the VIA application on your iOS device. The home screen appears as shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1  VIA Home Screen on iPad and iPhone

2. Click Tap to Download VPN Profiles. The Download VPN Profiles screen appears, as shown in Figure 2 below:

Figure 2  Download VPN Profiles Screen

3. Enter the following details:

a. Server URL: URL obtained from the system administrator.

b. Username: Domain username.

c. Password: Domain password.

4. Click Download.

5. If the server certificate does not match the server name, a warning message appears. Click Continue.

6. (Optional) Select a web authentication profile from the Web Authentication Profile list.


This screen only appears if the server has multiple web authentication profiles. If the web authentication list has more than one VIA authentication profile, users can select a VIA authentication profile. Upon successful authentication, the VIA client downloads the appropriate VIA connection profile.

Figure 3  Web Authentication Profile List on iPad and iPhone

7. (Optional) Select an IKE authentication profile from the IKE Authentication Profile list.

Figure 4  IKE Authentication Profile List on iPad and iPhone

VPN profile download is now complete, and the following screen appears:

Figure 5  VIA Home Screen on iPad and iPhone following VPN Profile Download

Press and hold the VIA app icon for a few seconds, then click the x to uninstall.