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GreenLake Platform

The HPE GreenLake platform is a portfolio of cloud and as-a-service solutions tailored to address complex network management needs effectively and efficiently.

HPE GreenLake orchestrates and manages network, compute, storage, and supporting services. It unifies security, visibility, and management in a scalable, cloud-native solution. AI-powered insights, workflow automation, and edge-to-cloud security provide a single source control across campus, data center, branch, and IoT networks.

Network devices managed by Aruba Central are maintained and licensed in HPE GreenLake’s inventory. This chapter describes setting up HPE GreenLake, provisioning devices, and attaching licenses to devices.

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Create a HPE GreenLake Account

The following procedure creates a HPE GreenLake Account.

Step 1 Navigate to the HPE GreenLake homepage.

Step 2 Click Sign up.


Step 3 Complete the fields and click Create Account.

The following example values are used to create an account for network administrator at Orange Widget Logistics:

  • Email:
  • Password: password
  • First Name: Network
  • Last Name: Admin
  • Organization Name: Orange Widget Logistics
  • Street Address: 1 Main St.
  • City: Seattle
  • State: WA
  • Postal Code: 98109
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Time Zone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada)
  • Phone Number: +1 206 111 1111


Create a Company Workspace

The following procedure creates a company workspace to manage a set of HPE products, applications, and services for a single company. Users can create additional workspaces as needed to provide secure, segregated access to distinct groups of resources.

Step 1 Login to the GreenLake account and select Create Workspace.


Step 2 Enter the details and click Create Workspace.

The following sample values are used to create a workspace for Orange Widget Logistics:

  • Workspace Name: Orange Widget Logistics
  • Workspace Country: United States
  • Street Address: 1 Main St.
  • City: Seattle
  • State: WA
  • Postal Code: 98109
  • Phone Number: +1 206 111 1111
  • Email:


Add Aruba Central to the GreenLake Workspace

The following procedure adds the Aruba Central cloud application to the HPE GreenLake workspace.

Step 1 Login to GreenLake and select the appropriate Workspace.

Step 2 Click Services on the top menu.

Step 3 Click Catalog.


Step 4 Select Aruba Central in Networking section.


Step 5 Click Provision.


Step 6 Select an appropriate Deployment Region, check the checkbox beside I agree to the Terms of Service, and click Deploy.


Step 7 Click My Services on the left menu, then click Launch in the Aruba Central tile.


Add Devices to the GreenLake Inventory

After provisioning Aruba Central, devices are associated to it automatically at the time of purchase. Previously purchased devices can be added manually using the device’s serial number and base MAC address. The following procedure demonstrates adding a device manually.

Step 1 Login to GreenLake and select the appropriate Workspace.

Step 2 On the Quick Links menu, click Device Inventory.


Step 3 Click Add Devices.


Step 4 Select Networking Devices as the Device Type. Click Next.


Step 5 Click the Serial Number and MAC Address radio button. Enter the device’s serial number and MAC address. Click Enter.

  • Serial Number: Device Serial
  • MAC Address: MAC Address


Note: Serial numbers and MAC addresses typically are located on the back or front of a device. The serial number and base MAC address of a CX switch can be displayed using the show system CLI command. Execute the mfginfo command in apboot mode to see the AP MAC address and serial number.

Step 6 Scroll down to find the device information. Repeat the previous step to add add multiple devices. Click Next.


Step 7 Tags are optional. Click Next.


Note: Use tags to identify different type of resources, for easier organization and searching.

Step 8 Enter the optional Service Delivery Contact. Click Next.


Note: Add the location and contact information, if they do not appear in the drop box.

Step 9 Review the list of devices. Click Finish.


Step 10 Verify that the devices added to the workspace appear under Require Subscriptions in the Require Service Manager Assignments tiles.


Add Device Subscription Keys

Aruba Central provides an intuitive interface to view the network devices’ capabilities and status. Each device managed by Aruba Central requires the purchase of a device subscription. The following procedure adds device subscription keys in Aruba Central, for subsequent assignment to devices.

Step 1 Login to GreenLake and select the appropriate Workspace.

Step 2 From the Quick Links menu, click Device Inventory.


Step 3 In the left menu, click Device Subscriptions.


Step 4 Click Add Device Subscription.


Step 5 Enter the device subscription key in the Add Device Subscription window. Click Submit.


Step 6 Repeat the process to add additional device subscription keys.

Setup Auto-Subscribe

Auto-subscribe is recommended for managing device subscriptions. Use device subscription tokens to access basic network management services such as monitoring, configuration, and report generation. When a device is added to the HPE GreenLake inventory, the auto-subscribe feature checks for available subscription tokens in the workspace and assigns them to devices automatically. Tokens with the longest available subscription period are assigned first. If the workspace does not have an adequate number of subscriptions, the user may have to assign subscriptions manually to devices as needed. Each device type requires its own auto-subscription configuration.

The following procedure enables auto-subscription.

Step 1 Login to GreenLake and select the Workspace.

Step 2 On the Quick Links menu, click Device Inventory.


Step 3 On the left menu, click Auto-Subscribe.


Step 4 Click Add.


Step 5 Select the Device Type and Subscription Tier. Click Configure Device.


Step 6 Repeat the process to auto-subscribe other device types.

Assign Licenses to Devices Manually

The following procedure assigns device licenses manually. The process can be automated for some device types. Instructions to setup the automated process can be found in the section above.

Step 1 Login to GreenLake and select the appropriate Workspace.

Step 2 From Quick Links menu, click Device Inventory.


Step 3 Click the Required Subscriptions tile.


Step 4 Select one or more devices using the check box.

Step 5 In the Actions dropdown, select Apply Subscription.


Step 6 Click Apply Subscriptions.


Step 7 Select the type of subscription in the Select Subscription Tier dropdown, check the box for the purchased subscription key, then click Apply Subscriptions.


Step 8 Click Finish.


Step 9 Repeat the procedure for all other devices.

Assign Devices to Aruba Central

After a device has been added to GreenLake, it must be assigned manually to an Aruba Central instance. The following procedure assigns a device to the Aruba Central application in HPE GreenLake.

Step 1 Login to GreenLake and select the appropriate Workspace.

Step 2 On the Quick Links menu, click Device Inventory.


Step 3 Click the Require Service Manager Assignment tile.


Step 4 Check the box(es) beside one or more devices to assign to Aruba Central.

Step 5 In the Actions dropdown, click Assign to Service Manager.


Step 6 Select Aruba Central in the Service Manager dropdown and select the desired Region. Click Finish.


Step 7 Repeat the procedure to assign more devices to Aruba Central.

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