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Table of contents

Design Goals

The overall goal is to create a high-reliability, scalable design that is easy to maintain and adapt as business needs change. Solution components are limited to a specific set of products required for optimal operations and maintenance.

Key features of the Aruba ESP data center network include:

  • Zero downtime upgrades
  • High throughput
  • Security
  • Converged storage networking
  • Flexible segmentation
  • Third-party integration.

This guide can be used to design new networks or to optimize and upgrade existing networks. Not intended as an exhaustive discussion of all options, the guide focuses on commonly recommended designs, features, and hardware.

Customer Use Cases

Data center networks change rapidly. The most pressing challenge is to maintain operational stability and visibility for users when moving or upgrading computing and storage resources. In addition, data center teams must continue to support the rapid pace of DevOps environments and meet growing requirements to connect directly and continue operations within the public cloud infrastructure.

In a rapidly changing landscape, it is critical that network and system engineers responsible for meeting data requirements have efficient tools to streamline and automate complex infrastructure configurations.

This guide discusses the following use cases:

  • Pay-as-you-grow designs that support network and computing workload elasticity
  • Ease of use and agility to deploy and manage workloads quickly by orchestrating computing, hypervisor, and network management functions
  • Improved operations with data center visibility from the computing host to the overall network infrastructure
  • Workload mobility, security, and multi-tenancy using standards-based overlay technologies
  • Network infrastructure automation and management
  • Data aggregation and pre-processing.

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