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Deploying the EdgeConnect SD-WAN

The Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN design provides SD-WAN, wired, and wireless connectivity for branch users. The SD-WAN connects the corporate site with the remote-site locations, making it a critical part of the network. Modern WAN networks require a flexible and scalable design to support mission-critical applications and real-time multimedia communications from any location in the corporate network. Access to cloud-based services from each branch location also is critical for keeping the network running as efficiently as possible.

This guide is written based on the requirements defined by the reference customer OWL. High level business objectives and technical requirements proposed by the reference customer OWL are listed below.

Business Requirements

  • Implement an SD-WAN solution using commodity internet circuits to reduce WAN costs and enhance access to SaaS and IaaS applications.
  • Use automation tools to provide zero-/one-touch deployments of LAN, WLAN, and SD-WAN infrastructure, with robust day-two visibility for improved access to cloud resources.
  • Simplify/automate network configuration and deployment processes to increase the pace of small campus and branch deployments.
  • Use network management tools to capture, correlate, and display network insights on operational issues to extract usable business information from the network.
  • Implement robust identity-based network segmentation based on Zero Trust principles to bolster security across the entire network and prevent breaches.
  • Proactively monitor the network and use automated troubleshooting tools to identify and resolve issues quickly, to remediate network issues faster, and to ensure a great customer experience.

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