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HPE Aruba Networking Secure Service Edge (SSE) offers significant advantages in securing remote workers, especially in today’s landscape where remote work has become increasingly prevalent. For remote workers, accessing company resources from outside the traditional corporate network perimeter presents unique security challenges. HPE Aruba Networking SSE addresses these challenges by implementing a zero-trust model that verifies access to resources based on various contextual factors, regardless of the user’s location.

HPE Aruba Networking SSE enables organizations to grant secure access to specific resources based on the user’s identity, device posture, and behavior. This approach ensures that remote workers have access only to the applications and data they need to perform their jobs, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. Unlike traditional VPNs that provide broad access to the entire corporate network, HPE Aruba Networking SSE solutions enforce granular access controls at the application or workload level, minimizing the attack surface and preventing lateral movement by cyber adversaries.

Micro-segmentation plays a crucial role in securing remote worker access by dividing the network into smaller, isolated segments. This enables organizations to contain potential breaches and limit their impact, even in highly distributed environments where remote workers connect from various locations and devices. With HPE Aruba Networking SSE, remote workers can access company resources securely from any location without compromising the organization’s security posture, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected against evolving cyber threats.

HPE Aruba Networking SSE secures remote workers with a zero-trust approach that verifies access to resources based on multiple factors. By enforcing granular access controls and implementing micro-segmentation, organizations can effectively protect against unauthorized access and data breaches while enabling remote workers to remain productive from anywhere in the world.

Purpose of this Guide

This guide describes the HPE Aruba Networking SSE design, with reference for architectural options and associated software components. It explains the requirements that shaped the design and the benefits it provides.

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