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Troubleshooting Zscaler Service

Checking the Audit Log for API troubleshooting

Zscaler Internet Access provides the ability to view what changes are made to the tenant environment using the Audit Logging feature. This can also be used to view API calls into the platform.

Navigate to Administration > Authentication > Audit Logs. In the Audit Logs window you can filter out all changes to only view the API calls by selecting “API” under the “Interface” dropdown menu.

ZIA Audit Logs

A list of all the API interactions will show, the Result column shows whether the call was successful or failed. The Icons on the right of the Result column when clicked will show the API data that was created or updated from the call:

Examine ZIA Audit Logs

Checking tunnel status in the ZIA administrative console

To check the status of tunnels to ZIA from your sites, ZIA provides the ability to see the traffic volume sent / received from the Gateways and Microbranches and logging to see the current state of the tunnels via logging.

Navigate to Analytics > Insights > Tunnel Insights

Tunnel Insights

In the Insights screen you have the ability to visualize and filter data in various ways. Configure the Timeframe, Chart type, and Metrics you wish to view.Additionally, you can filter the type of data shown in the chart, by clicking the “filter” caret to expose a dropdown menu to select from.

Tunnel Insights Charts

For further information please refer to ZIA Tunnel Insights help:

To assist in troubleshooting you can also view the state of all tunnels for your tenant from the ZIA Admin UI. Click on the “Logs” button:

ZIA Tunnel Logs

From this screen you can then filter and change the timeframe for the tunnels and sites you would like to investigate. Please see the ZIA Tunnel Insights Logs: Columns help for details on the options:

Gather Support Information

Zscaler support is sometimes required for the provisioning of certain services. Zscaler support is also available to help troubleshoot configuration and service issues. Zscaler support is available 24/7 hours a day, year-round.

Obtain Company ID

First, find your Company ID, which is how Zscaler uniquely identifies a given customer. The navigation is: Administration > Settings and then click Company profile.

Obtain Company ID

Open a Support Ticket

With the company ID in hand, simply navigate to ? > Support > Submit a Ticket:

ZIA Submit Ticket

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