Power Save Mode for ArubaOS 10 APs

Power Save is supported in this release as a selectively available feature. Contact your Aruba Account Manager to enable it in your Aruba Central account.

Aruba Central now supports the Power Save feature that helps save energy consumption from common equipment in various areas like airports, offices, universities, hotels and so on. Based on the feeds, the Power Save feature dynamically enables, disables, or reduces functionality of an allocated AP to reduce consumption of energy. Once the AP fall into deep-sleep mode, the connection between the AP and Aruba Central is automatically disconnected. The APs that support the Power Save feature are also known as Green APs.

AP-503H, AP-504, AP-505, AP-505H, AP-514, AP-515, AP-518, AP-565, AP-565EX, AP-567, AP-567EX, AP-574, AP-575, AP-575EX, AP-577, AP-577EX, AP-615, and AP-635 access points support the Power Save feature.

The APs will not fall into deep-sleep mode in the following scenarios:

Before the APs falls into deep-sleep mode, it performs the following actions:

  • Bring down all the virtual APs.
  • Send a warning syslog message
  • Remove all connections to managed devices.
  • Set the reboot reason. This is set to ensure that when the AP wakes up from the deep-sleep mode, this reboot reason indicates that the AP has recovered from deep-sleep mode.

For more information, see Configuring Power Save Mode on ArubaOS 10 APs.