Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect Integration

The integration of Unity EdgeConnect devices in Aruba Central enables monitoring the network health of a site from end-user perspective, as seen by the Unity EdgeConnect devices deployed in a site. Once integrated with Aruba Central, the high-level summary of Unity EdgeConnect device alerts are displayed in the EdgeConnect Status field of the Network Health card in Map view.

Unity EdgeConnect Device and Aruba Central Site Mapping

In Silver Peak Unity Orchestrator, when you add or update location details of an Unity EdgeConnect device, the Unity EdgeConnect device is automatically mapped with an Aruba Central site. This automatic mapping will happen only if the Unity EdgeConnect device is located within an agreeable distance range from an Aruba Central site. If a site is not available in Aruba Central, you must create a site from Aruba Central, and then check for the list of updated sites from the Unity Orchestrator. For more information about creating and managing sites in Aruba Central, see Managing Sites.

However, if you want to change the Unity EdgeConnect device and Aruba Central site mapping, you can override the auto mapping by updating the Unity EdgeConnect device location details from the Unity Orchestrator.

EdgeConnect Status field in Network Health Card

The EdgeConnect Status field in the Network Health card displays the critical alarm coming from Unity EdgeConnect devices at a site that is created and managed by Aruba Central. This information is displayed only when there is at least one Unity EdgeConnect device that is deployed in the site.

For more information on displaying the EdgeConnect Status field, see Displaying the EdgeConnect Status Field.

Clicking on one of the links redirects you to the Alarms tab in Unity Orchestrator from Aruba Central for further troubleshooting. The following image displays the Network Health card for a test site. The highlighted part of the Network Health card displays the EdgeConnect Status field along with the corresponding device status.

For more information about each field in the Network health card, see Network Health Dashboard.

Figure 1  EdgeConnect Status Devices with Good Status in Network Dashboard Summary View

Figure 2  EdgeConnect Devices with Good Status in Network Dashboard List View

The Unity Orchestrator Alarms site integration with Aruba Central is achieved through APIs to monitor end-user experience at a given site.