Architectural Overview ArubaOS 10

ArubaOS 10 is a distributed network operating system integrated with Aruba Central that manages and control Access Points (APs) and gateways. Network teams can deliver reliable and secure wireless connectivity with a consistent feature set using ArubaOS 10's flexible architecture. This is applicable for remote workers, small offices, midsized branches, and large campus environments. ArubaOS 10 can also leverage the integrated security features, AI Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. AI reduces trouble tickets by identifying the network entity that is facing problems through event correlation and root cause analysis. operations, and single pane of glass management with other Aruba solutions because it is built on Aruba Central.

With ArubaOS 10, onboarding, configuring, and provisioning APs and gateways is simpler and requires no manual CLI configuration or maintenance windows. After the device is plugged in, it receives its running configuration from the cloud using Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP Zero Touch Provisioning. ZTP is a device provisioning mechanism that allows automatic and quick provisioning of devices with a minimal or at times no manual intervention.). This feature allows remote workers and offices to onboard and configure wireless connectivity without any on-site IT support. ZTP eliminates the traditional method of deploying and maintaining devices and allows you to provision new devices in your network automatically, without manual intervention. Refer to the following topics for additional information: