Configuring AP Channel and Power

To configure the properties for AP channel and power, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to a Microbranch group that contains at least one AP.

    The dashboard context for a group is displayed.

  2. Under Manage, click Devices > Access Points.

    A list of APs is displayed in the List view.

  3. Click an AP listed under Device Name.

    The dashboard context for the AP is displayed.

  4. Click the Config icon.

    The Microbranch group configuration page is displayed.

  5. In the Wireless card, click AP Channel & Power.

    The Radio properties page is displayed.

  6. Configure the following parameters:

    Table 1: AP Channel & Power Configuration Parameters



    Radio Profile

    You can configure a radio profile on an AP manually. For more information, see Configuring Radio Parameters.

    Enable Radio

    Select the Enable Radio check box under 2.4 GHz Band and 5 GHz Band radio.


    Select any of the following options:

    In the Monitor and Spectrum modes, the APs do not provide access services to clients.

    In the dual 5 GHz Gigahertz. band Band refers to a specified range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation., the Mode remains as Access and is noneditable. This dual 5 GHz band is only supported on AP-344 and AP that runs on ArubaOS For more information, see AirMatch Configuration.

    To get accurate monitoring details and statistics, ensure to reboot the APs after the APs are toggled from the 2.4 or 5 GHz mode to dual 5 GHz radio mode or vice-versa.

    Channel Assignment

    Select one of the following buttons:

    • Automatic—Assign the channel settings automatically.
    • Manual—Select the number of channels from the drop-down list.

    Transmit Power Assignment

    Select one of the following buttons:

  7. Click Save.