Configuring Port Profiles

If the wired clients must be supported on the Microbranch, configure wired port profiles, and assign these profiles to the ports of the APs.

The wired ports of a Microbranch allow third-party devices such as VoIP Voice over IP. VoIP allows transmission of voice and multimedia content over an IP network. phones or printers (which support only wired port connections) to connect to the wireless network. You can also configure an ACL Access Control List. ACL is a common way of restricting certain types of traffic on a physical port. for additional security on the Ethernet Ethernet is a network protocol for data transmission over LAN. downlink.

To configure Port Profiles on Microbranch APs, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to a Microbranch group that contains at least one AP.

    The dashboard context for a group is displayed.

  2. Under Manage, click Devices > Access Points.
  3. Click the Config icon.

    The Microbranch group configuration page is displayed.

  4. Click LAN Local Area Network. A LAN is a network of connected devices within a distinct geographic area such as an office or a commercial establishment and share a common communications line or wireless link to a server. > Port Profiles.

    The Port Profiles page is displayed.

  5. To add a new wired port profile, click the + Add Port Profile.

    The Create a New Network pane is displayed.

Complete the configuration for each of the tabs in the Port Profiles page as described in the below sections: