Getting Started with Access Point Deployments

Before you get started with the deployment operations for access points (APs), browse through the list of Supported Instant APs in Aruba Central.

The UI-based provisioning of APs is available for AP Foundation and Advanced licenses.

Deploying Access Points in Aruba Central

The following figure illustrates a basic AP deployment and WLAN Wireless Local Area Network. WLAN is a 802.11 standards-based LAN that the users access through a wireless connection. setup workflow in Aruba Central.

Figure 1  Getting Started

To deploy the APs and to configure a basic WLAN setup, complete the following steps:

Step 1Onboard

To manage APs from Aruba Central, you should onboard the APs to the device inventory and assign a valid license.

For more information about on-boarding devices and assigning licenses to devices, see the Devices section in the HPE GreenLake Edge to Cloud Platform User Guide.

You can access Aruba Central from the HPE GreenLake portal. For more information, see Accessing Aruba Central .

Step 2Provision

The devices provisioned in your Aruba Central account are listed on the Organization > Network Structure > Device Preprovisioning page. For more information about pre-provisioning the devices, see Device Pre-provisioning.

Using Aruba Central, you can manage the devices as follows:

  • Create groups and assign devices to groups. For more information about assigning devices to groups, see Assign Devices to Groups.
  • Create sites and assign devices to sites. For more information about assigning devices to sites, see Managing Sites.
  • Create labels and assign labels to devices. For more information about assigning labels to devices, see Manage Labels.

Step 3Configure

The following are the basic WLAN configuration steps to deploy an AP. For more information about advanced AP configuration and deployment steps, see Configuring Instant APs in Aruba Central:

Step 4Monitor

Following are the steps to monitor the APs in Aruba Central:

Step 5Maintain

Following are the steps to maintain the APs in Aruba Central:

  • On Maintain > Firmware dashboard page, you can view the AP firmware details, upgrade the device firmware to the latest version supported, and set firmware compliance. For more information about steps to upgrade the device to latest firmware, see Managing Firmware Upgrades.
  • On Analyze > Audit Trail page, you can view the logs generated for device management, configuration, and user management events triggered in Aruba Central. For more information about audit logs, see Audit Trail.
  • On Analyze > Tools menu, you can troubleshoot and diagnose the device and network issues in Aruba Central. For more information about troubleshooting, see Troubleshooting Tools.