The Websites tab includes a table view and a bar graph view related to the client traffic flow and their data usage by various websites. These graphs are displayed for a specific time frame (3 Hours, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months). By default, the graphs display real-time client traffic data or usage trend in last three hours.

Table View in Websites Section

The Websites tab displays the following details:

  • Reputation—The reputation of the application categories, for example, Trustworthy, Incomplete, Moderate Risk, Low Risk, High Risk and so on. The reputations are set based on the risk levels exhibited by the application categories.
  • Usage—The percentage of data usage by application categories based on their reputation.
  • Category—The category of the client traffic that sends and receives data, for example, Unclassified, Social Networking, Streaming, Web, Cloud File Storage, Instant Messaging and so on.
  • Usage—The size and percentage of data usage by the corresponding categories.

Figure 1  Websites Dashboard View

Graph View in Websites Section

To view the websites section in summary view, see Graph View in Visibility Dashboard.