AOS-CX Overview

AOS-CX is a modern and fully programmable operating system built using a database-centric design, which ensures higher availability and dynamic software process changes for reduced downtime. In addition to robust hardware reliability, the AOS-CX operating system includes additional software elements not available with traditional systems, including:

  • Automated visibility to help IT organizations scale
  • Simplified programmability
  • Faster resolution with network insights
  • High availability
  • Ease of roll-back to previous configurations

The AOS-CX operating system is a modular, database-centric operating system. Every aspect of the switch configuration and state information is modeled in the AOS-CX switch configuration and state database, including configuration information, status of all features, and network analytics. The AOS-CX operating system also includes a time series database, which acts as a built-in network record. The time series database makes the data seamlessly available to Aruba Network Analytics Engine agents that use rules that evaluate network conditions over time.

Aruba Central offers a cloud-based management platform for managing AOS-CX infrastructure. It simplifies switch management with flexible configuration options, monitoring dashboards, and troubleshooting tools.