AOS-CX Overview

AOS-CX is a modern and fully programmable operating system built using a database-centric design, which ensures higher availability and dynamic software process changes for reduced downtime. In addition to robust hardware reliability, the AOS-CX operating system includes additional software elements not available with traditional systems, including:

  • Automated visibility to help IT organizations scale
  • Simplified programmability
  • Faster resolution with network insights
  • High availability
  • Ease of roll-back to previous configurations

The AOS-CX operating system is a modular, database-centric operating system. Every aspect of the switch configuration and state information is modeled in the AOS-CX switch configuration and state database, including configuration information, status of all features, and network analytics. The AOS-CX operating system also includes a time series database, which acts as a built-in network record. The time series database makes the data seamlessly available to Aruba Network Analytics Engine agents that use rules that evaluate network conditions over time.

Aruba Central offers a cloud-based management platform for managing AOS-CX infrastructure. It simplifies switch management with flexible configuration options, monitoring dashboards, and troubleshooting tools.

Starting from Aruba Central 2.5.8, users can onboard, monitor their devices, and upgrade the AOS-CX firmware over IPv6 or dual stack networks. It is recommended for the switches to run AOS-CX 10.13.1000 or later versions to onboard their devices over IPv6 networks. Before you onboard devices over IPv6 or dual stack networks, ensure that the following prerequisites are met.

  1. IPv6 address must be configured for one touch provisioning. Aruba Central does not support IPv6 ZTP Zero Touch Provisioning. ZTP is a device provisioning mechanism that allows automatic and quick provisioning of devices with a minimal or at times no manual intervention. support.

  2. Device location override should be enabled.