AOS-CX Configuration Using Templates

Templates in Aruba Central refer to a set of configuration commands that can be used by administrators for provisioning devices in a group. Configuration templates enable administrators to apply a set of configuration parameters simultaneously to multiple switches in a group and thus automate switch deployments.


  • When importing the running configuration of an AOS-CX switch to Aruba Central using template configuration, the original running configuration that was present on the device when it was onboarded will be used. Any changes made to the running configuration after initial onboarding of the AOS-CX switch will not be reflected in the import running configuration feature.
  • To minimize configuration errors and troubleshoot device-specific configuration issues, Aruba recommends that the device administrators familiarize themselves with the CLI configuration commands available on AOS-CX switches.
  • The vsf member 1 line must be present in the configuration template for stackable AOS-CX switches running 10.07 or later versions. This is required to apply configuration to the switches. In case, if a template is applied to the switch that does not contain the vsf member 1 line, then the switch will be zeroized.

For template-based provisioning, switches must be assigned to a group with template-based configuration method enabled.

When firmware compliance is set for a template group, then the template configuration push will be blocked on all non-compliant devices. The configurations will be pushed to these devices only when a compliant build firmware is downloaded and when the devices are rebooted.

For more information, see Managing Groups and Assign Devices to Groups.

The Import Configuration As Template feature is supported only on AOS-CX switches running firmware version 10.06 or later.