Troubleshooting Aruba Switches

You can troubleshoot a switch using the Aruba Central UI.

To troubleshoot a switch, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to one of the options under Groups, Labels, or Sites. Ensure that the filter selection contains at least one switch. For all devices, set the filter to Global.

    The dashboard context for the selected filter is displayed.

  2. Under Manage, click Devices > Switches.

    A list of switches is displayed in the List view.

  3. In the Switches table, click the switch to troubleshoot.

    The Switch Details page corresponding to the switch is displayed.

  4. In the Actions drop-down, click Tech Support.

    The Commands page is displayed.

  5. Select any command category in the Categories pane and the Commands pane displays the associated commands.

    AOS-CX switches support only the show tech and show running-config commands.

  6. Click Add > to add the selected commands to the Selected Commands pane.
  7. If you have selected a command marked with either '*' or '+', enter the filtration parameters as displayed in the Additional Filters dialog box. For more information on filtering commands, see Filtering Commands.
  8. (Optional) Select command(s) and click < Remove to remove selected command(s) or click < Remove All to clear the Selected Commands pane.
  9. (Optional) To set a frequency for automatically executing the troubleshooting commands:
    1. Click the Repeat check box.
    2. Specify an interval for executing the troubleshooting commands. You can also specify how frequently the commands must be executed during a given interval.
    3. Click Reset to modify the values in all the fields, and Cancel All for canceling all the repeats. Click the stop icon to stop a particular repeat.
  10. Click Run. The output is displayed in the Device Output section.

    For information about viewing and downloading the output, see Viewing the Device Output.