Monitoring Switches and Switch Stacks

The switch dashboard enables you to manage, configure, monitor and troubleshoot AOS-S, AOS-CX switches, and switch stacks provisioned and managed through Aruba Central.

For a list of all the available menu items in the switch dashboard, see Switch Dashboard.

To view AOS-CX switches in the monitoring and topology pages, you must create a template configuration for the switch with the password in plaintext. See AOS-CX Configuration Using Templates.

If you are unable to view all details of the AOS-CX switch, then maybe the template configuration was not applied correctly, the password was missing in the template configuration, or the password was not in plaintext. See the audit trail to check the status of the switch. The audit trail should show the device onboarded message for the switch serial number followed by the configuration push and login successful messages. For more information on troubleshooting AOS-CX switch onboarding issues, see Troubleshooting AOS-CX Switch Onboarding Issues.