Obtaining Token Using Offline Token Mechanism

To obtain tokens using the offline token method, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to Global.
  2. Under Maintain, click Organization > Platform Integration > Rest API.
    The API Gateway page is displayed.
  3. Click My Apps & Tokens.

    Only the user with Aruba Central Administrator role can view the System Apps & Tokens tab which displays all the apps and tokens generated in all the non-admin user profiles in addition to the apps and tokens created in the admin user profile.

  4. Click + Add Apps & Tokens. The New Token pane is displayed.
  5. Enter the application name and redirect URI Uniform Resource Identifier. URI identifies the name and the location of a resource in a uniform format. in the Application Name and Redirect URI fields respectively.
    In non-admin user profile, the Application Name field contains the logged-in user name and is non-editable.
  6. A new application is created and added to the My Apps & Tokens table.
    The My Apps & Tokens table displays the following details:
    • Token ID—Token ID of the application.
    • User Name—Name of the user to whom this token is associated to. An application can be associated to multiple users.
    • Application—Name of the application to which this token is associated to. For example, Aruba Central.
    • Generated At—Date on which the token was generated.
    • Revoke Token—Click Revoke Token and click Yes to revoke the token associated to a particular user. For example, if two users are associated to an application and if you want to remove access to a particular user, revoke the token associated to that user.
    • Download Token—Click Download Token to download the token.