Viewing Swagger Interface

To view the APIs Application Programming Interface. Refers to a set of functions, procedures, protocols, and tools that enable users to build application software. managed through Aruba Central, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to Global.

  2. Under Maintain, click Organization > Platform Integration > Rest API.
  3. To view the Swagger interface, click the link in the Documentation column.

    Displays the Swagger documentation in a new window. If the Documentation column displays multiple accounts, select one of the accounts to view the Swagger documentation in a new window.

    On selecting the bookmarked Swagger documentation URL Uniform Resource Locator. URL is a global address used for locating web resources on the Internet., displays a sign-in request window. To view the Swagger documentation, authenticate using the SSO Single Sign-On. SSO is an access-control property that allows the users to log in once to access multiple related, but independent applications or systems to which they have privileges. The process authenticates the user across all allowed resources during their session, eliminating additional login prompts. and select one of the accounts.

    Figure 1  API Gateway Dashboard