Overlay Fabric Overview

The distributed overlay fabric is a group of AOS-CX Switches that are part of the BGP Border Gateway Protocol. BGP is a routing protocol for exchanging data and information between different host gateways or autonomous systems on the Internet. -EVPN VXLAN Virtual Extensible LAN creates virtual networks overlaid on a physical network. overlay. The overlay fabric is created by configuring VXLAN tunnels between Stub Stub is a device persona that supports both static VXLAN tunnels and EVPN VXLAN tunnels. and Edge Edge is a device persona that connects endpoints to the fabric. Switches. The ArubaOS 10 Gateways also participate in the overlay fabric, using static VXLAN tunnels to the Stub VTEP VXLAN Tunnel End Point is an entity that originates and/or terminates VXLAN tunnels.. Aruba Central allows you to configure the overlay fabric on top of a virtual network using AOS-CX Switches. You can assign a list of fabric personas such as Border VTEP, Route Reflectors, Edge VTEP, or Stub VTEP to the overlay fabric.

Fabric Personas

This section describes the different fabric personas and their functions in the Aruba Central BGP EVPN overlay fabric workflow.

Optionally, you can create additional overlay networks, which are on the same VRF and Layer 3 VNI, if required. You can also configure the Gateway IP cluster for wireless Gateways.

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