Network Wizard Overview

Network Wizard is the workflow to set up an underlay network. To establish an underlay network, Aruba Central automates the L3 and OSPF Open Shortest Path First. OSPF is a link-state routing protocol for IP networks. It uses a link-state routing algorithm and falls into the group of interior routing protocols that operates within a single Autonomous System (AS). switching connectivity by auto-assigning the loopback IP address, ROP links, and creating the Aruba Virtual switching Extension.

Network Wizard workflow requires Aruba Central Advanced licenses. A notification message is displayed indicating a valid advanced license is required for this feature. You can acknowledge the message by clicking the close button. The notification message is user-specific. Once the message is closed, it will not be displayed for the same user, but for other users, the message will be displayed. For more information, refer to the AOS-CX switches Feature Pack Ordering Guide and EULA End User License Agreement. EULA is a legal contract between a software application publisher or author and the users of the application..


To complete the provisioning of underlay network using Aruba Central, complete the following

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