Supported Devices

Lists all the supported Access Points, AOS-CX Switches, and gateways, and their supported software versions supported by Aruba Central NetConductor.

In this section, we cover the supported:

Aruba Access Points

Aruba APs do not participate in role-based enforcement. The ArubaOS 10 Gateways enforce role-based policies for all the wireless clients.

The following table shows the list of AP models and supported software required for deploying Aruba Central NetConductor.

Table 1: Supported APs

AP Family

AP Model

Supported Software Versions

300 Series

AP-303, AP-303H, AP-303P, AP-304, AP-305

ArubaOS or later

310 Series

AP-314, AP-315, AP-318

320 Series

AP-324, AP-325

NOTE: The 320 Series AP models with 256 MB of SDRAM, manufactured between August 2015 and January 2016, are not supported with ArubaOS 10. These 320 Series AP models have a serial number that begins with DD (for example, DD0003824).

330 Series

AP-334, AP-335

340 Series

AP-344, AP-345

360 Series

AP-365, AP-367

370 Series

AP-374, AP-375, AP-375EX, AP-375ATEX, AP-377, AP-377EX, AP-387

500 Series

AP-503H, AP-504, AP-505, AP-505H

510 Series

AP-514, AP-515, AP-518

530 Series

AP-534, AP-535

550 Series


560 Series

AP-565, AP-565EX, AP-567, AP-567EX

570 Series

AP-574, AP-575, AP-575EX, AP-577, AP-577EX

580 Series

AP-584, AP-585, AP-585EX, AP-587, AP-587EX

630 Series


650 Series


As of ArubaOS 10.3 release the 6XX series APs are supported in Aruba Central NetConductor.

AOS-CX Switches

The following table lists the AOS-CX switches, supported software versions, and the supported personas in Aruba Central.

Table 2: Supported AOS-CX Switch Series and Software Versions

Switch Platform

Supported Software Versions

Supported Persona

AOS-CX 6300 Switch Series

10.12.0001 or later

Edge Edge is a device persona that connects endpoints to the fabric.

AOS-CX 6400 Switch Series 10.12.0001 or later Edge
AOS-CX 8325 Switch Series 10.12.0001 or later Route Reflector

AOS-CX 8360 Switch Series

10.12.0001 or later


Stub Stub is a device persona that supports both static VXLAN tunnels and EVPN VXLAN tunnels.


Route Reflector

AOS-CX 8400 Switch Series 10.12.0001 or later

Route Reflector

Data sheets and technical specifications for the supported switch platforms are available at:

Aruba Gateways

The following table shows a list of Aruba Gateway models and the supported software versions, required for deploying the Aruba Central NetConductor.

Table 3: Supported Aruba Gateways

Gateway Family

Gateway Model

Supported Software Versions

7000 Series

7005, 7008, 7010, 7024, 7030

ArubaOS or later

7200 Series

7205, 7210, 72207240XM, 7280

9000 Series

9004, 9004-LTE, 9012

9200 Series