Clients Page

The Clients page provides a list view of all the clients connected to the network. The page displays key client details and also allows you to view a specific client detail page. For more information about clients, see Clients.

The following details are displayed in the Clients > List view and the Client Details page:

  • Client Category—Displays the category of the profiled client. For example, Computer, Smart Device, VoIP Voice over IP. VoIP allows transmission of voice and multimedia content over an IP network. phone, and so on.
  • Client Family—Displays the type of operating system or vendor. For example, if the client category is Computer, the client family can be Windows, Linux, or Apple Mac.
  • Client OS—Displays the operating system that the client runs on. For example, if the client category is Computer and the client family is Windows, the client OS can be Windows or Windows 8/10.

The following figure shows the Client section in the Client Details page:

Figure 1  Clients—Summary Page