Client Security

When a client device is authenticated, policies are assigned to the device and these policies are enforced during network access. The AAA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. AAA is a security framework to authenticate users, authorize the type of access based on user credentials, and record authentication events and information about the network access and network resource consumption. page displays the authentication and accounting information of the client.

To view the AAA page:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to a Device, Sites, Labels, or Global.
  2. Under Manage, click Clients.

    The clients overview page is displayed in List view. By default, the Clients table displays a unified list of clients.

  3. Click a Client Name to open the corresponding Client Details page.
  4. Under Manage, click Security.
  5. Click the AAA tab to view the authentication and accounting information of the client.

The authentication information includes:

Table 1: Client Authentication Information



Authentication request time

The time at which the authentication request was raised.

Authentication method

The authentication method used by the client.


The status of authentication.

Authentication source

The source of authentication.

Assigned roles

The roles assigned after authentication.

Enforcement profiles

The profiles assigned after authentication.


The username used for authentication.

The accounting information includes:

Table 2: Client Accounting Information



Start time

The start time of accounting.

End time

The end time of accounting.


The duration of accounting.

Bytes transferred

Total number of bytes transferred during accounting.