Group Persona

A persona of a device represents the role that the device plays in a network deployment. Creating a persona for devices helps in customizing configuration workflows, automating parts of configurations, and showing the default configuration and the relevant settings for the device. Persona configuration also helps in customizing the monitoring screens and troubleshooting workflows that are appropriate for the device.

Creating a Persona

Personas can be created when creating a group. Persona and architecture can be set at the group level. All devices within a group inherit the same persona from the group settings.

While creating a group, the architecture and persona settings of the current group can be marked as preferred settings for adding subsequent groups. For subsequent groups, you can either automatically apply the preferred settings or manually select settings for the new group.

Based on the device persona selected in a group, the device configuration page displays only particular device tabs for that group. For example, if a group has only access points persona assigned to it, then the device configuration page for that group displays only the access points tab.

Persona for Access Points

Access Points can have the following persona:

Persona for Gateways

Gateways can have the following personas:


The following architecture is supported for creating groups:

  • ArubaOS 8—Instant AP-based deployment, including Aruba InstanOS 6.x or Aruba InstantOS 8.x (IAP, IAP-VPN), or Aruba InstantOS 8.x SD-Branch deployments.
  • ArubaOS 10ArubaOS 10 deployment, including AP-only underlay, AP+gateway overlay, Microbranch, or AOS 10.x SD-Branch deployments.

A device persona can be applied to both ArubaOS 10 and ArubaOS 8 deployments. All the ArubaOS 8 personas apply to ArubaOS 10 deployments as well. The ArubaOS 10 deployment supports a couple of additional personas that do not apply to ArubaOS 8 deployment. The persona workflow differs based on the deployment type.

The following animation shows you group persona functionality in Aruba Central.

For information on creating groups with a persona and architecture, see the following topics: