Managing Groups

Aruba Central allows you to manage configuration for different devices, such as Aruba Instant APs, gateways, and switches in your inventory. These devices can be configured using either UI workflows or configuration templates. You can define your preferred configuration method when creating a group.

Aruba Central allows you to create a single group with different configuration methods defined for each device type. For example, you can create a group with the name Group1, and within this group, you can enable template-based configuration method for switches and UI-based configuration method for Instant APs and Gateways. Aruba Central identifies both these groups under a single name (Group1). If a device type in the group is marked for template-based configuration method, the group name is prefixed with TG (TG Group1). You can use Group1 as the group ID for workflows such as user management, monitoring, reports, and audit trail.

After you assign devices to a group and when you access configuration containers, Aruba Central automatically displays relevant configuration options based on the configuration method you defined for the device group.

The Groups page allows you to create, edit, or delete a group, view the list of groups provisioned in Aruba Central, and assign devices to groups.

This section describes the following topics:

Configure Groups in MSP Mode

For information on using groups in the MSP Managed Service Provider. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) mode is a multi-tenant operational mode that Aruba Central accounts can be converted into, provided these accounts have subscribed to the Aruba Central app. mode, see Groups in the MSP Mode.

For information on using groups in the MSP mode and instructions on how to assign devices to MSP tenants, see the Aruba Central Managed Service Provider User Guide.