Add an Installer and Assign Sites for Installation

Administrators can add installers and assign installation tasks to these installers through the Aruba Installer mobile app.

To add an installer profile in Aruba Central, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to Global.
  2. Under Maintain, click Organization.

    By default, the Network Structure tab is displayed.

  3. In the Install Manager tile, click Authorized installers.

    The Install Manager page is displayed.

  4. In the Install Manager page, click Installers.

    The Installers page is displayed.

  5. Click + Add Installer.

    The Add Installer page is displayed.

  6. Enter the name and phone number of the technician to whom you want to assign a site for installing the devices.
  7. Specify the time until which the installer's profile is valid. The technicians will be automatically logged out of the Aruba Installer app on the specified date.
  8. On the Add Installer page, you can do the following:
    • Click the + icon, to select a site from the list and click Assign to assign the site.
    • Select the site(s) in the Sites Assigned table and click Delete Site(s) to remove the site(s).
  9. Click Save. An SMS notification is sent to the installer's mobile device.

    The site(s) assigned are displayed in the Sites Assigned table.

To start the installation, the installer must download the Aruba Installer mobile app and sign up as an installer. The administrators can verify the installer registration status on the Installers dashboard in the Install Manager application in Aruba Central. The Installers dashboard displays the following status indicators for installers.

  • Invited—The installer is added and an SMS notification is sent to the installer.
  • Registered—The installer has registered using the Aruba Installer mobile app.
  • Verified—The installer has accepted the installation invite and successfully completed the registration with the Aruba Installer app.