Generate a QR Code and Assigning Sites for Installation

Administrators can generate a QR code and send the copy of QR code to the technician. The technician can scan the QR code using the Aruba Installer mobile app for installing the devices on a site.

To generate a QR code in Aruba Central, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to Global.
  2. Under Maintain, click Organization.

    By default, the Network Structure tab is displayed.

  3. In the Install Manager tile, click Authorized installers.

    The Install Manager page is displayed.

  4. In the Install Manager page, click QR Codes.

    The QR codes page is displayed.

  5. Click + Generate QR Code.

    The Generate QR Code page is displayed.

  6. Enter the following details:

    1. Name—Name of the technician or vendor whom you want to assign a site for the device deployment.

    2. Company—Company name of the technician. This field is optional.

    3. Email—Email address of the technician.This field is optional.

    4. Valid Till—Expiration date of the QR code. You can set a validity duration of a maximum of 14 days.

  7. In the Sites Assigned table, click the + icon to select a site from the list and click Assign to assign the site.

  8. Select the Allow the installer to modify the device name to allow the technician to modify the device name through the Aruba installer mobile app.

  9. Click Generate.

    The QR code is generated in the QR Codes table.

  10. Perform any of the following actions by hovering over the QR code in the QR Codes table:

    Actions Description

    Downloads the QR code in the PDF format.

    Regenerates the QR code.
    If you generate a new QR code, the old QR code becomes invalid.

    Modifies the QR code details. You can only modify the Sites Assigned and Allow the installer to modify the device name options.

    Deletes the QR code. If the QR code is deleted, then the downloaded QR code becomes invalid.

To start the installation, the technician must download the Aruba Installer mobile app and sign up as an installer.