Install Devices on a Site

Before you install a device to a site, the device must be onboarded to HPE GreenLake platform. For more information about device onboarding, see the Devices section in the HPE GreenLake Edge to Cloud Platform User Guide.

To install a device on a site, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Aruba Installer mobile app.
  2. View the sites assigned for deployment.
  3. Select the site that you want to deploy.
  4. Note the devices assigned for the site and installation notes if any.
  5. Click Scan Device. Scan the serial number of the device. The Aruba Installer app verifies if the device is onboarded to Aruba Central device inventory and is assigned a valid subscription.
  6. Power on the device and connect it to the Internet. The device automatically connects to Aruba Central and is provisioned in the group to which it is already assigned.
  7. Verify the installation status and report errors if any.

Before scanning a device, ensure that the device is not connected to Aruba Central. If the device is already connected to Aruba Central, Install Manager will not assign it to a group.