Monitor and Troubleshoot Installation Issues

To monitor the installation progress, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Aruba Central app, set the filter to Global.
  2. Under Maintain, click Organization.

    By default, the Network Structure tab is displayed.

  3. In the Install Manager tile do any one of the following:

    • Click Site installations in progress or

    • Click Authorized installers >Site Installations.

  4. The Site Installations tab shows the following sub tabs for the status of a site installation:
    • Pending—Indicates that the device installations in pending.
    • In Progress—Indicates that the device installation is in progress.
    • Completed—Indicates that the device installation is completed.

    If the installation status displays an error:

    • Check if the devices are onboarded to Aruba Central.
    • Verify if the devices are assigned a valid subscription.
    • Check if the sites are assigned to a group.
    • View the audit trails.
  5. If the installation is completed, click the site name to navigate to the site details page and click Mark Completed.

    If the status is In Progress, you can mark the site as completed even if Install Manager was not used to install or onboard the device.

  6. Click Save.