Manage Labels

The Labels page allows you to create labels, view a list of labels, and assign devices to labels. The page includes two tables. The table on the left lists the labels, whereas the table on the right lists the devices. These tables provide the following information:

Table 1: Labels


Contents of the Table


Displays a list of labels configured. The table provides the following information:

  • Name of the label
  • Number of devices assigned to a label

The table also includes the following sorting options to reset the table view on the right:

  • All Devices—Displays all the devices provisioned in Aruba Central.
  • Unassigned—Displays the list of devices that are not assigned to any label.


Displays a list of devices provisioned. The table provides the following information about the devices:

  • Name—Name of the device
  • Group—Group to which the device is assigned
  • Type—Type of the device
  • Labels—Number of labels assigned to a device