Managing Firmware Upgrades

Upgrading firmware on devices is a time-consuming task that might require rebooting of devices leading to service disruption. As a result, upgrades are performed during a maintenance window.

If the switches are managed in the UI groups, it is not recommended to change the AOS-S switches firmware from latest version to earlier major versions. For features that are not supported or not managed in Aruba Central on earlier AOS-S versions, changing firmware to earlier major versions might result in loss of configuration.

The Firmware page provides an overview of the latest supported version of firmware for the device, details of the device, and the option to upgrade the device. You can also upgrade your devices using any one of the following upgrade types:

  • Standard Upgrade—This upgrade type is common for all devices and happens simultaneously. During the upgrade, all the services go down and come back up after the upgrade is complete. This upgrade is recommended for operations during maintenance windows.
  • Live Upgrade—This upgrade type is available only for APs and Gateways with clusters. This upgrade happens sequentially without any service disruption and is recommended for operations during working hours.
  • Live upgrade requires all the devices in the site or group to be assigned with Advanced license. Make sure that you assign the devices with Advanced license before performing live upgrade.
  • Make sure that the Rapids is allow-listed for live upgrade operation.